Oregon Firearms Safety Act becomes law August 9th 2015

There a few things you should know when considering a private party sale or purchase of a firearm in Oregon, here is a quick excerpt from the “Highlights” of the Oregon Firearms Safety Act to get you started,

Definition: “Transfer” means the delivery of a firearm from a transferor to a transferee,
including, but not limited to: the sale, gift, loan or lease of the firearm.

General Process Changes under Oregon Firearms Safety Act:

1. Private-party firearm transfers must be conducted through a licensed firearm dealer while
both parties (owner of the firearm and proposed recipient or purchaser) are present.

a. If the transferor and the transferee reside over 40 miles from each other, the
transferor may ship or deliver the firearm to a firearm dealer located near the
transferee or a firearm dealer designated by the transferee, and the transferor need
not appear before the firearm dealer in person.

2. A firearm dealer who agrees to complete the transfer shall request a background check on
the transferee and shall comply with all requirements of federal law.

3. A firearm dealer may charge a reasonable fee for facilitating a firearms transfer.

4. A firearm dealer that requests a background check for a private party under this law is
immune from civil liability for any use of the firearm by the recipient.

5. A private party transferring a firearm at a gun show must complete a background check
through OSP or a firearm dealer prior to the transfer. (NOTE: This is existing statute,
however is highlighted to show the private party has options, in these instances.)

In addition, Oregon State Police has updated their public access website, Oregon.gov, with four documents to assist intended purchasers. These documents have information about State and Federal disqualifiers, information about the transfer process, AND a VOLUNTARY pre-purchase self-assessment questionnaire.

For a copy of SB 941 please click on the following link:

Information contained in this post was taken from Oregon.gov website and entire “Highlights” can be veiwed at: http://www.oregon.gov/osp/docs/SB941_Information_Sheet.pdf

by Steve Rhein